Wildflower Fridays: Should I wear makeup?

Hi loves! So it’s the last day of my 5 days of beauty and I thought I’d end with a Wildflower Friday that I’ve been dying to write. Should I wear makeup and why should I?

I love makeup. I love wearing it, I love buying it, I love watching people do their makeup, I love everything about it. But I don’t need makeup, I don’t need to buy it, and I don’t need to wear it. And neither do you.

Wearing makeup is a personal choice. You should never ever feel like you HAVE to wear makeup. But you also shouldn’t feel like you CAN’T wear makeup.

Putting makeup on to cover a face you don’t like is never going to make you like that face. It’s never going to make you like the person behind that face either. The only way you’re going to love yourself and who you are is by working at. Wearing makeup is not going to change anything, but you can change everything.

Makeup is beautiful. Makeup is art. It’s a form of self expression and a way to turn yourself from a walking piece of art into a masterpiece. If that’s what you want. But you as you are, are already a masterpiece. And you should never feel like less than that. And if you decide to wear makeup, it should only make you feel even better about yourself and love yourself more. But you need to love yourself first before you can make superficial changes to your appearance to help remedy your feelings.

But, you should never feel like you have to wear makeup if it’s really not something you’re interested in. Wearing makeup isn’t going to make anyone like you more. And wearing it or not wearing it will not make you any more or less of a woman or a person.

And what does it even mean to be a woman or to be feminine or to have feminine tendencies or interests? Gender is a spectrum, and there is no set number of gender identities. Gender is also a performance and a social construct so however you decide to present your gender identity, however you decide to present your femininity is okay. It’s a social construct, without the human need to label everything in a binary fashion, gender would not exist. Which means you can do whatever you want with it.

Anyone can and should be allowed to wear makeup. Woman, man, genderqueer, gender fluid, trans, cis, whoever you are and however you identify. If you want to wear makeup then wear it! If you love yourself and want to create art on the canvas that is your face then go for it! Don’t feel like any less than what you are because of your decision to wear makeup.

And if you don’t want to wear it, don’t! Thats a-okay. It will not make you any less than what you are if you decide not to wear makeup. Or if you only wear a little. Or if you wear a lot. Or if you only wear it somedays or just to work or just to class or just to go out or whatever! You are allowed to be yourself, whoever that it, however that is. And you should be proud of the decisions you make and the person that you are today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

So should I wear makeup? Yeah you should and no you shouldn’t. You should do whatever will make you the most authentic you that you can be. When you look into the mirror in the morning you should think that yes, this is a face and a person that I love. That’s what I think you should do.

You should show self compassion and self love. You should strive to be the best version of yourself that you can be. You should fill your life with things that make you happy . If that includes makeup, then okay! And if that doesn’t include makeup, then okay!

I just want each and every one of you to live the life you deserve to live, full of happiness and love.

And that’s a wrap on the 5 days of beauty! Thanks for joining me on this ride, I hope you enjoyed it!

Love and light,




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