March Sprezza Box Unboxing!

Hello again lovelies! For Day 4 of the 5 Days of Beauty, I’m gearing this post to my more masculine readers/anyone close to a masculine person and showing you what my boyfriend Prateek got in his Sprezza Box this month! Sprezza Box is a monthly subscription service where you pay $28 a month for over $100 worth of items!

march sprezza

The theme for this month was Venice Beach!

march sprezza 7

Here we have these Weekend Casual bracelets which retail for $10! These are super cute and very summery and beauty.

march sprezza 4

Then we have this adorable lapel pin which retails for $15! This is a Sprezza original design and I love them! I know they’re supposed to be sunglasses but they just remind me of big, nerdy glasses which is what Prateek and I both wear so I really love this.

march sprezza 2

Then, there’s this gorgeous, sleek Men in Cities vegetable leather wallet which retails for $30, more than the price of the box itself! I love that this is not real leather and Prateek loves how thin it is! It holds all of the essentials, looks clean, and doesn’t make a huge bulge in your pocket!

march sprezza 6

Here’s a cute Martenero NATO watch strap which retails for $15! This strap is also very summery and beauty, and just really California. I’m digging this for when June rolls around.

march sprezza 8

Prateek and I both LOVE socks so these Basic Outfitter socks were a real winner! These adorable things retail for $10 and they’re so soft!

march sprezza 3

Finally, one of the most beautiful ties I’ve ever seen, we have this Nick Graham purple, floral necktie which retails for $49.50. This was the first thing Prateek used from this box and was absolutely his favorite thing in the whole box!

And that’s it loves! In total, this box retailed for $139.50 and Prateek only payed $28! What a steal!! I hope you enjoyed this post and sign up for Sprezza Box if you’re interested! It would also make a great gift for anyone you know who enjoys more masculine items like these! See you tomorrow for Day 5 of the 5 Days of Beauty!

Love and light,



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