The Most Underrated Makeup Brands (that you won’t find at Sephora!)

Hello loves! On this day 3 of my 5 days of Beauty, I’d like to just talk about some makeup brands that I’m either really excited to try or that I don’t think the beauty community talks about enough! These brands are all amazing and deserve some more recognition!

Give Me Glow Cosmetics

So this is one of the brands that I have been DYING to try. Everything on their website looks beautiful! I’ve heard great things and read great reviews about their liquid lipsticks, (I want the grey one called the Weekend!!!!) and their highlighters! I’m also definitely ordering their empty palette because it’s so cute and I definitely need one of those.

Storybook Cosmetics

Again, a brand I need need need to try! This is the brand that brought us Harry Potter brushes and a Witchcraft and Wizardry palette. That’s honestly all I need to want to buy everything this brand ever creates.

The Balm Cosmetics

Okay, I ADORE the Balm Cosmetics! I own their Mad Lash Mascara which is amazing if you’re looking for length and separation, I like it as a bottom lash mascara, the Manizer Sisters palette which has Mary Loumanizer which looks beautiful on ALL skin tones and then two other shades, a pretty blush, and a darker more bronze highlighter, the Balm Beach Blush which is too light for me but still a great formula, Β and the Nude Dude palette, a BEAUTIFUL palette which is full of some cool neutrals including a dark dark plum. I love everything I own from them and they have a million other products that are on my wishlist.

Soap and Glory

By now, you should all know that I’m very picky with mascaras and not everything makes it to top lash status. That is the highest honor given to very few mascaras, including one by Soap and Glory. The Thick & Fast mascara from this brand is FANTASTIC. The brush is so basic but the formula gives you length, separation, and volume like crazy!! I’m also a sucker for cute packaging and this brand always kills it. I can’t wait to try more things from them!


Not only does this brand have a great, punny name, it also has fantastic products. Their oil control setting spray is one of the most amazing things I have every put on my face. It absolutely helps control oil production and make your face look matte all day. And, it absolutely extends the wear of your makeup. I usually have my makeup on for 12-18 hours because I’m so busy, and I still look pretty good by the end of my day. Also, their Post Makeup Recovery Spray is a MUST HAVE for skincare! It replenishes a lot of amazing things in your skin and helps it to feel more moisturized and plump after you take your makeup off. And it smells like wet clay which I, oddly enough, really like the smell of. It’s very earthy and natural.

Luxie Beauty

I don’t know why nobody talks about these brushes, but they’re seriously missing out. These are all synthetic and vegan brushes that work wonders for your face. They are all extremely soft and cut evenly and precisely, it’s high quality stuff here! The rose gold collection has the cutest packaging and the brushes are just amazing for your eye looks or for your face. I cannot get enough of these!

And that’s all I got for today loves! Let me know what underrated makeup brands you love and wish people would try!

Love and light,



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