Wildflower Fridays: Loving Yourself

Hello again lovelies! Next week, we celebrate one of my favorite holidays, Valentine’s Day! Now personally, I love this holiday for more than the extra sightings of chocolates and teddy bears in all of your local stores. I love Valentine’s Day because it is a day to celebrate the most wonderful thing in the world, love.

And what’s the most important kind of love that we can put out into this world? Self-love!

Let this Valentine’s Day serve as a reminder to you to love yourself. Instead of putting yourself down, criticizing anything and everything about yourself, or being way too harsh on yourself, remember that you are enough and you are worthy and you are loved.

You, the way you are right now, is beautiful, and smart, and funny, and amazing, and a million other things that are worthy of love. You, the way you were yesterday and a week ago and 5 years is ago is enough. You, the way you will be tomorrow, next week, and 10 years from now is enough. Through all of your mistakes, all of your ups and downs, your best days and your worst day, you are enough.

I find that we are often too critical of ourselves and we try to live up to crazy, impossible standards. We often lack self-compassion. But to be honest, fuck that. I want you to be able to look in the mirror every single day and love the person staring back at you.

You will always have room to grow, and “just like wildflowers you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people never thought you could.” But, that doesn’t mean where you are right now, who you are right now isn’t worth every ounce of love in the world. You must show love and compassion to yourself as you grow and mature.

So yeah, having a significant other and teddy bears and chocolate is great and all, but you gotta love yourself first. And I hope this Valentine’s Day, you take a moment or two to remember that.

You are worthy. You are enough. You are amazing. You are everything. You are loved.

Love and light,


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