Wildflower Fridays: Trump’s America Part 1

Hello lovelies! Welcome back for a long overdue Wildflower Friday (even though it's technically Saturday right now)! If the title didn't warn you enough, this post is going to be very political and very opinionated. I've thought long and hard about what I would say when I wrote this post, and at this point, I … Continue reading Wildflower Fridays: Trump’s America Part 1


Oil Cleansing – Should I do it?

Hello lovelies! I'd like to start today off with a little story time, and then move on to something educational. The story I have to tell is about my experience with oil cleansing and how I went from hating it to swearing by it. First of all, if you don't know what oil cleansing is, … Continue reading Oil Cleansing – Should I do it?

New Subscription: Sprezza Box!

Hello lovelies! Today I'd like to share with you something for my more masculine people out in this world. My amazingly handsome boyfriend Prateek decided to subscribe to Sprezza Box and I'm so excited to share with you the box he just received! Sprezza Box is a $28 a month subscription where you receive 4-6 full … Continue reading New Subscription: Sprezza Box!

February Ipsy Unboxing!

Happy Valentine's Day lovelies!!! I hope you all had an amazing day full of self love and sharing love with others! Today, I'd like to share the love I feel for my Ipsy bag! If you're interested in joining Ipsy, here's my referral code (I get 250 points if you use it! If you're not … Continue reading February Ipsy Unboxing!

Wildflower Fridays: Loving Yourself

Hello again lovelies! Next week, we celebrate one of my favorite holidays, Valentine's Day! Now personally, I love this holiday for more than the extra sightings of chocolates and teddy bears in all of your local stores. I love Valentine's Day because it is a day to celebrate the most wonderful thing in the world, … Continue reading Wildflower Fridays: Loving Yourself

Makeup 101: What to buy to start your makeup collection!

Hello lovelies! So this past weekend I performed in an opera (which was an amazing experience let me tell you ) and during tech week, we had to get into full costume, hair, and makeup for all the run-throughs of the show. That week, I learned that most of my friends knew nothing about makeup … Continue reading Makeup 101: What to buy to start your makeup collection!

January Favs and Fails!

Hello lovelies! I know it's been a while since my last post, but I promise I will start with a regular posting schedule as soon as possible! Last week the opera I was in had tech week and then it opened and I started student teaching. But, I'm finally getting into a schedule and a … Continue reading January Favs and Fails!

What’s In My Purse?

Hello again lovelies! So I started student teaching yesterday (how exciting right??) and pretending to be an adult, so I figured I'd give you guys an inside look into what I put in my purse when I'm out for the day! I got my "teacher purse" at Target a couple of months ago for about … Continue reading What’s In My Purse?