My Morning Skincare Routine!

Hello lovelies! So today I’d like to share with you my morning skincare routine because skincare is the most important part of your day (other than breakfast I guess). If you’ve got extremely oily and acne prone skin like I do, then you might want to check out some of these products. If you don’t, stick around, read on, and just enjoy yourself!

So these are all of the products I use!


The first thing I do is wash my face with pumpkin seed oil , which is what’s in that bigger amber bottle. I’m going to do a whole post on oil cleansing and how and why you should do it another time, but let me just say that this stuff is amazing. I have tried every acne product out there and nothing has ever cleared my skin until I started using pumpkin seed oil. It’s full of antioxidants, zinc, vitamin E, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are all AMAZING for your skin. If you are going to start cleansing your face with oil, then it’s best to do it when your pores are really opened up so you can absorb all of the great things from the oil so either steam your face before you use it, or you can wash your face after you’ve been in the shower for a couple minutes (which is what I do!).

After my shower when my face is all cleansed, I tone it with a toner I make myself, in that ugly little blue bottle (sorry little bottle). I fill that up with equal parts organic apple cider vinegar andย water, and because my skin is acne prone I’ve started dropping 4-5 drops of tea tree oil in there as well. If your skin is sensitive, however, you should probably start with 1 part apple cider vinegar and 2 parts water. This toner will help reduce age spots, fight acne, help balance the pH in your skin which well help with oiliness or dryness, fight wrinkles and fine lines, and will help remove toxins from your skin. But, all of those good things come from “the mother” which is strands of plant protein molecules that look like this weird spiderweb thing at the bottom of the bottle of the apple cider vinegar. However, the mother is alive and full of all the active ingredients that will help your face look fantastic.

The next thing I do is optional and I save it for days when my face is a little angry. After toning with the apple cider vinegar, I’ll spray a little of the lavender rose toning mist from the Grapeseed Company on my face as well! This mist contains 95% organic ingredients including aloe, witch hazel, rose, grapeseed, citric acid, and lavender which are all great for your skin. I love this company as well because it emphasizes the use of organic, vegan, gluten free, paraben and sulfate free ingredients that have only been tested on people and were grown locally in California, where the company is located. This toner is great for hydrating the skin, minimizing pores, and will also help a little with acne. It also smells AMAZING if you love lavender like I do.

The next step I do is also optional. If I do have any pimples, I like to spot treat them with a little tea tree oil . Though tea tree oil is actually beneficial for a million things, I love it for the fact that it works as well as benzoyl peroxide while being a little gentler on the skin. However, it can also be extremely drying, which can make you over-overproduce sebum if you’re already oily like I am. This is why I would recommend only spot treating with it or just putting a couple drops in your toner to dilute it while still getting all the benefits.

Lastly, I moisturize! Even oily skinned girls like me need to moisturize every day. I am currently on the hunt for a new moisturizer with SPF in it, but for now I am sticking to my Pond’s Dark Spot Correcting Cream . I love this stuff, it makes your face feel so nice and hydrated but also does deliver on its promise to help even skin tone and fade dark spots with vitamins B3 and C to help. ย I’ve linked to the one for normal/oily skin but there is one for normal/dry skin as well!

And that’s what I do to keep my skin clear and hydrated! My skin is not perfect by any means and I do still deal with hormonal acne before my period, but I’ve found that these products have really truly helped to clear up my skin and even make the breakouts I do get really minimal. I hope you all enjoyed this post and learned a little something. Let me know in the comments about your journeys with more natural skincare and what you use to help keep your skin looking beautiful!

Love and light,



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    1. Thanks for reading my post!! It’s honestly the best thing in the world! I will definitely do a whole post on oil cleansing and different kinds of oil and why I chose pumpkin seed in the next couple of weeks ๐Ÿ’›

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