Wildflower Fridays: Trends We’re Ditching in 2017(??)

Happy Friday lovelies! This is the first post to kick off my Friday real talk series where I’m going to step away from beauty for a second and talk about other topics that I feel we can still relate and connect to.

So I want to start this series off by responding to a Youtube video that I watched last week that just made me incredibly sad. I won’t give you the link to the video or name the person who made it because I don’t want to spread anymore hate but, I still feel a burning need to respond.

The video was called something like “plus size trends we’re ditching in 2017” and since literally everyone is making videos like that, I figured I might as well watch it and get a laugh. The beginning of the video was fine, it was light hearted and funny, and then it turned judgmental and nasty, and I had to stop watching.

There is so much hate surrounding women’s body’s. It doesn’t matter if you’re cisgender, transgender, too thin, or plus size, or anything really, there is just so much hate coming from everyone and everywhere outside of those communities. Society judges everyone and it has standards for every person and when you don’t meet those standards, the backlash can be horrifying. So, if we’re already receiving so much hate from outside, the last thing we need, is hate within those communities as well.

There are so many people out there who think it’s okay to fat shame and body shame, just go ahead and look on the comments on a plus size modes or blogger’s Instagram. The word fat has such a negative connotation. But I am not fat. I have fat, I have chub, and I have rolls when I stand up and when I sit down. And that’s okay. You can call me fat all you want, but I don’t care because I’ve changed the connotation behind that word for myself. And anyway,I am many other things besides fat. So many people will try to tell me, and women my size, or smaller, or larger that we are worth less just because we have some extra chub, but they could not be more wrong. I am worthy and I am enough and I will never have to fit into your standards in order to love myself.

So to see so much fat shaming and hate from someone who is in the plus size community herself just really got to me. This could have been a light hearted video but instead, it was just another person telling me what I can and cannot put on my body, what looks good and doesn’t look good on my body. The person in the video talked about how you might not have the body to wear a crop top that shows stomach, or a body that can wear a 2 piece bathing suit, or that can wear a body con dress, and that you have to wear a bra if you’re a C cup or higher. All these judgmental remarks were highly unnecessary and untrue.

I can and will dress my body any way I want and I will never care what anyone else thinks about it. I will wear a crop top and show my stomach, I will wear a bikini whether it’s high waisted or not, and I will wear a body con dress without Spanx because my rolls and lumps are beautiful and amazing and I don’t care if you see them. It doesn’t matter what you think is flattering on me or not, I decide what looks flattering and what looks good. I don’t care what size or shape your body is, you can wear whatever is going to make you feel like the amazing and beautiful human being that you are.

We need to support each other. We need to love each other. We need to stop judging each other and putting each other down. We need to stop fat shaming and body shaming within the community if we ever expect the rest of society to follow suit. I just think we need a lot more positivity and body love and body peace in this world and we can help that happen by starting with ourselves and radiating that outwards.

Thank you so much for joining me for my first Wildflower Friday! I hope you enjoyed reading it and agreed with me and will help spread a little more love!

Light and love,


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